Seabeck Subsidy Fund

Our annual regional conference at Seabeck every summer relies on community support, fundraisers and donations to make sure a lack of funds does not keep folks from attending. This year we are supporting our Seabeck Subsidy Fund in several different ways. Firstly, as described in our Paying for Seabeck page, we’ve lowered some ticket prices below cost (Chickadee Tier) and raised some a bit above cost (Dove, Heron and Pelican).

Secondly, we’re happy to announce that longtime Seabeck attendee Marti Lambert is offering her Utensils-To-Go products to us at cost, with all profits going to our Subsidy Fund!

Marti makes small cloth bags that can hold reusable bamboo utensils and a reusable straw.  She also sells a 3 bag set of machine washable mesh produce bags.

These are great gift ideas for people of all ages!

Your purchase supports the attendance of activists at the conference who can’t attend without financial support. And we all need those activists at the conference!

We are very grateful to Marti for jumping in to help in this way, and grateful to you who support our Movement work by shopping here!

Thirdly, we welcome online donations anytime! Do you need a subsidy to help you attend?  Apply here.