Children’s Programming

Ages 3-10  (and under 3 with guardian)

Click here for Youth Programming (age 11 and over)

All activities will take place at or start at the Colman Center

The Children’s Program will be open during adult conference sessions, under the supervision of Coordinators Nora Walsh and Jamie Martineau.   VOLUNTEERS are encouraged to sign up for a one to three-hour block of time to help with planned activities or to share special interests and talents (please arrange this with one of the coordinators).  Please sign up when registering and then choose a timeslot on the Children’s Program schedule on the board outside the dining hall.


Parents (or the adults in charge of the child at Seabeck) are asked to sign children in and out of the program each morning and afternoon, or to make arrangements with a coordinator about when and with whom their child can leave the group.  Please complete the mini-registration form to indicate allergies, medical needs, or restrictions on activities for your child(ren).

  • The Colman Craft Center is the “home base” for the Children’s Program. Check the sign-in table for notes about special activities and the whereabouts of children doing activities away from Colman.
  • Coordinators are trained in first aid and CPR.  Designated first-aid providers and/or 911 will be called if necessary. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Program participants will visit the lagoon for swimming and boating only when lifeguards are on duty.


  • Children may bring their own toys and materials (no weapons, please) to the Children’s Program, with the understanding that they will share them with all the other children, use them alone and away from other children, or put them away for safekeeping.
  • The expectation is that every participant will have a good time, but realistically, conflicts and other disruptive behavior may occur.  Coordinators will encourage and facilitate verbal problem-solving between the children, and will inform parents about difficult situations.  Adults will use “logical consequences” when necessary (ex., a child who hurts others in the group may be required to be away from the other children for a while; a child who doesn’t follow adult directions on a hike may be taken back to Colman).
  • If a child needs more supervision and guidance than the program can provide, parents will be asked to supervise him or her, or to arrange for an extra helper to do so.
  • Children under 3 may participate in the Children’s Program if accompanied by a parent or another caregiver specifically supervising the child.


Friday, June 28

Drop by and meet Nora and Jamie, get information about activities & schedule

Saturday, June 29

9 am – noon
Introductions & ground rules
Nature walk
Arts and crafts

Beach exploration
Arts and crafts
Talent show planning

Tie Dying All Ages Welcome

Sunday, June 30

Nature walk
Building Cars

Talent show preparation
Arts and crafts
Beach walk or hike

Monday, July 1

Finish up arts and crafts
Beach walk or hike
Clean-up and goodbyes

This is an approximate schedule, subject to change depending on weather, volunteer participation, etc.  At all times books and quiet games and outdoor toys are also available to children. We hope to provide boating and swimming activities, but these will depend on weather and the availability of a lifeguard.  Flexibility is one of our core values.