Youth Programming 2019

Click here for Childrens Programming (age 10 and under)

Ages 11-13

Preteens have their own program, and again this year it will be led by John Roy Wilson. It will expand on last year’s popular Ukelele Clowning theme!

Ages 14-18

The general program is designed for people from the age of 14 and older, so for families who would like to bring along their 14 and older kids, please be sure that teens are aware that if they choose to attend, they will participate as “regular attendees” at the conference. The organized “youth programs” are for kids 13 and under. If a 14+ teen would like to come with their parents, but is not wanting to participate in the training aspects of the conference, they may consider some of the volunteer opportunities available. Check out the possibilities in the “volunteer” section.

A program organized by the Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation is the Mike Yarrow Peace Fellowship. It is for Young Activists 14-23 years old. The Fellows participate in a yearlong program that kicks off with attendance at the conference. The Fellows receive a small grant to support their social justice project during the year, receive ongoing mentorship and training, and they attend the conference without charge. The Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows will be participating as “regular attendees” at the conference.

All young people are encouraged to apply to the Mike Yarrow Peace Fellowship program (by the June 1 deadline) on this page (click here).

Questions? Please contact us.