2018 Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows

2018-19 Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows

Youth Leadership

Meet the 2018 MYPF's

For the 2018-19 program year we accepted 11 youth organizers to be Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows. 

Nonviolent Action as a way of life

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The 2018-19 Peace Fellows

Abram Johnson

Immigration and Education

Ammanuel Shuge

Young Men of Color

Ashley Augusta-Herrera

Mental Health Stigma

Blaine Menelik


Blaine Menelik


Demi Katsogenis

Climate Change

Elan Ma


Josie Mortinson

Art and Social Change

Kexin Zeng


Ruth Tedla

Sexual Harassment Against Women

What Alumni Say About the Fellowship

Former MYPF Testimonials

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