MYPF: How We Are Organized

The Mike Yarrow Peace Fellowship is organized into several parts:

Sponsoring Organization
The Mike Yarrow Peace Fellowship is a program of the Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Working Group
As a program of the WWFOR, the MYPF has a Working Group, which includes its Directors and included as its founding members most of the past PAT Directors and Assistant Directors: Ruth Yarrow; Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm and Dante Garcia. The Working Group is composed of those who are interested in helping to develop and run the program under the direction of the Directors.  Logistical support roles include: 1) outreach; 2) meal preparation and clean up; 3) housing/chaperons; 4) transportation and 5) fundraising/awards dinner.  Contact the Directors if you would like to help out with any of these roles or otherwise support the work of the MYPF.

The Directors shall ultimately be responsible for the design and execution of the program, seeking advice and obtaining assistance from the Advisory Board and the Working Group. The Directors for the MYPF are volunteers, parents of now adult children who went through the program in years past when it was the Peace Activist Trainee program.

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is composed of approximately 12 former Directors, Assistant Directors and alumni of the Peace Activist Trainee program, who have agreed to provide feedback and guidance to the Directors.

Mentors are recruited and selected by the Directors to provide support, guidance and accountability for the Peace Fellows during the fellowship year by establishing and maintaining a one to one relationship with 1 or more Peace Fellows.

The Directors are joined by Trainers and Assistant Trainers.  In 2019 the Intensive Training will be done by Kazu Haga and the trainers from East Point Peace Academy in San Francisco at the FOR Seabeck conference.  After the Intensive Training further training will occur as Online Training via Webinars and Skill-shares.

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