Neighborhood Children’s Vote Parades

Neighborhood Children’s Vote Parades

Encourage last-minute voting by having fun and showing the world that you care about the future your children will inherit.

Here’s the idea. We have several ingredients.

  1. Nov. 1 is Sunday, the day after Halloween and 2 days before Election Day on Nov. 3rd.
  2. Children love dressing up in costumes.
  3. The media loves a good “human interest story”.
  4. Folks who don’t usually vote need a gentle reminder of what’s at stake in this election and to exercise their right to vote.

Mix these ingredients and what have you got? A “Children’s Neighborhood Vote Parade”! Robyn Hodges, mother of a 5 and 8-year-old, has organized young families in her Seattle neighborhood to dress their children in costumes, parade (socially distanced) to a local voting dropbox, and have the children cast pretend ballots in a “children’s dropbox”. Local TV/media have been notified and are delighted to cover this event for broadcast the day before Election Day!

If you, or someone you know, has young children and want to organize your own “Neigborhood Children’s Vote Parade”, just click on the link below and we will provide you with helpful resources to organize your own event and get it covered by local media. Let’s have fun while we get out the vote and change the world, eh?

I am interested!