New Print Newsletter March 2020

The latest print edition of Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation’s newsletter, March 2020 “Pacific Call” is now available in pdf form. Click here to view.

Articles include

  • “Deployment of low-yield nuclear weapons lowers the threshold for war.”  by Bruce Amundson and Joseph Berkson
  • “Stop the Economic Sanctions against Venezuela and Iran: Economic sanctions are violent bullying (even without bombing or sending troops)” by Glen Anderson
  • “Voter Suppression in the USA” by John M Repp
  • “This Is How Civilizations Collapse from Within” by Bruce Amundson

The articles can also be seen (some in longer versions) at our newsletter webpage,

As always, events can be seen on our calendar page,  UNFORTUNATELY all events in the next few weeks have been canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please write to us at if you know of peace and justice events we should be helping to publicize.

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