Paying for Seabeck 2020

Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation has traditionally set the conference fees equal to the fees the Seabeck Conference Center charges for room and board, and added a “registration fee” to cover the costs of workshop presenters, keynote speakers and other expenses.

This year we are trying out a new fee structure, aiming towards Equity. We have built the “registration fee” into one single price for everyone who enrolls.

Our most affordable spaces (there are 76 of them) cost less than in the past. We have increased the prices of the higher tier rooms by $25 – $50. Our hope is that this small adjustment will help make our conference more accessible to everyone who would like to attend.

This adjustment does not make us fully accessible. We continue to ask for your donations for our Seabeck Subsidy Fund to support those who want to attend, and need financial support.

The conference is run by volunteers, except for our webmistress, who has contracted with us at a deeply discounted rate.

Please note that your registration fee does NOT cover any payment, stipends or fees and only limited travel support for East Point Peace Academy, who will be bringing more than a dozen trainers from around the country.

East Point is committed to the practice of Gift Economics, an alternative model to our current capitalist market system. This means that they never charge a fee for their programs. Instead, all participants at the conference will be invited to make an offering to support their work. This is a faith based system that relies on the generosity of the community to sustain the organization.

Much more of this will be explained during the conference, but please come prepared to make an offering. No amount is too small or too large.

If you would like to apply for a subsidy to help you attend, please click the button below!