Seabeck 2020 Programming

Seabeck is a family friendly conference!

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We are still putting together the 2020 Conference Schedule.

Here’s LAST YEAR’S SCHEDULE, for reference!

Last Year’s Schedule

Friday, June 28

4:00pm  Seabeck Campus opens
4:30pm  Registration (till 9:45) at Inn Lobby
6:00pm   ***Continuous Dinner Soup & Salad Buffet***
7:00pm   Drop In to Meet Children’s Program Leaders
7:00pm   Peace Fellows Meetup in Juniper
7:15pm   Welcome & Orientation in Meeting House
8:00pm   Greeting from Emma Jordan Simpson, FOR USA Executive Director
8:30pm   Mixing it Up!
9:15pm   Social Time
9:15pm   Music Team Meetup

Saturday, June 29

7:00am    Nature Walk, Meditation, Yoga
8:00am    ***Breakfast***
9:30am    Sing-Along and Announcements in Meeting House
9:45am    Fierce Vulnerability Session I
12:30pm   ***Lunch***
2:00pm    Fierce Vulnerability Session II
6:30pm    ***Dinner***
7:30pm    Remembrances of Those Departed
8:00pm    FV Storytelling Panel

Sunday, June 30

7:00am     Nature Walk, Meditation, Yoga
8:00am    ***Breakfast***
9:15am      Multifaith Gathering
10:30am   Fierce Vulnerability Session III
12:30pm   ***Lunch***
1:45pm      WWFOR and OFOR Regional Meetings
3:00pm     Fierce Vulnerability Session IV
6:15pm      Walk or Carpool to Beach
6:30pm    ***Salmon Bake at the Beach***
8:00pm    Talent Show
10:00pm   Youth Cemetery Walk

Monday July 1

7:00am   Meditation, Yoga
8:00am   ***Breakfast***
9:15am    Fierce Vulnerability Session V
11:30am  Closing Circle
12:00pm Pack Up and Clean Up
12:30pm ***Lunch***
1:30pm   Leave Seabeck
2:00pm   Post-Conference Action TBD

Each of the 5 Fierce Vulnerability sessions will include Large Group and Home Group elements. Large Group means everyone together. Home groups are smaller groups who will work together throughout the conference.

Each session includes a mixture of activities which explore the interconnection between personal transformation and nonviolent direct action. Our hope is to give participants a taste of the great potential built into this interconnection – a potential to transform ourselves and to contribute to the transformation of the culture and tone of nonviolent activism today.

Through a combination of interactive group activities, role-plays, small group and paired sharing, self-reflection, and a few short lecture segments, Fierce Vulnerability aims to deepen participants’ understanding and experience of the power of authenticity, self-awareness and healing, and about how to bring those elements into direct action spaces.

Using a variety of learning modalities, participants will be invited to explore and share about aspects of themselves and their lives which they would likely not anticipate thinking or sharing about in relation to the work of social change or direct action. This is new and exciting territory! We’re experimenting with transforming movement culture by deepening our capacity to be real with ourselves and with one another.

No previous experience is necessary to participate, and each participant gets to decide when to stretch beyond their comfort zone, and to what extent.