Staying at Seabeck 2020


Seabeck Conference Center is located on 90 beautiful acres with sweeping views of Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains. The grounds are reminiscent of a small village, complete with walkways that meander past manicured lawns, fruit orchards, and wooded trails.

Seabeck has a variety of  housing options. Many of the buildings on our campus are homes from the early 1900’s and we have some that were built in 2012. Each building has its own charm and rustic appeal, whether it’s an old building or one of the new ones.

Each registration tier for this conference is associated with a specific set of accommodations.

WiFi is available in the Inn’s lobby. Most people are able to get a signal anywhere on campus.

Seabeck Conference Center’s address is 13395 Lagoon Drive NW, Seabeck, WA  98380.

Ferry schedules and details may be found here:

Meals at Seabeck

Unless you request otherwise, all meals at Seabeck are vegetarian.

Seabeck offers ONLY the following alternative diet requests:

  • Omnivore
  • Vegan
  • Non-Celiac Gluten Free (not for those with celiac level sensitivity)
  • Dairy Free
  • Combination of above possibilities

The Seabeck chef reassures us that 95% of its produce is locally sourced in June.

Seabeck is a nut-free facility, but cannnot guarantee that processed foods have been produced in a nut-free environment.

Seabeck Conference Center desires to meet the needs of all guests. Our goal is to provide a healthy and satisfying dining experience for everyone. Guests with a variety of food issues are encouraged to bring supplemental food that may be stored in the refrigerator and warmed in the microwave. There are also many options on the salad bar at every lunch and dinner.

Alternative diet cards will be distributed at registration and must be presented during meals to obtain the designated diet option for each meal. Individuals not giving advance notice to Seabeck may be accommodated at the next meal.

Food waste is a priority at Seabeck. When a guest requests one of the special diets we accommodate, it is prepared for that person at each meal. If they do not use their “alternative meal” card at mealtime, the food is thrown away. Please only request a meal card if you will be using it.

Activist Market

It’s like a farmers market!  You can explore a wide variety of the healthiest produce, gifts for friends, or yourself: books, music, crafts, toys, greeting cards – for browsing and to take home –  all at greatly reduced prices!

Explore full tables on social change, race-gender-class… fiction, ethics, music… humor, nature, books for kids… crafts, art, food, activist supplies, etc.

Most are recommended by the Peace & Justice Resource Center, coordinated by Glen Gersmehl who organizes this bountiful bazaar.  Take home the newly published Healing Resistance,  by our lead trainer Kazu Haga, or Dahr Jamail’s End of Ice…!  not to mention George Lakey’s How to Win.

Folks for years have found it to be a great community space for connecting with other workshop participants, hearing others talk about what they have read, or just chatting over a cup of Fair Trade Coffee or Tea.

There will also be room for petitions and activist literature (any items to be sold must be cleared with the Planning Committee).  It’s located in Pines a few steps south of the Meeting Hall.  Time to browse MLK, Chodron, Obama, Merton, Lamott, Dear, LeGuin, Angelou!


Golf Cart
For folks who cannot walk very far, so we have rent a golf cart that can be shared, and we try to accommodate everybody’s needs. There is a sign-up list on the bulletin board outside the Inn/dining hall for prearranged rides, and the drivers do their best to spot those who could use a lift!

Carpooling to/from Seabeck
We are looking for a volunteer Transportation Coordinator to help coordinate carpools to and from Seabeck, especially from Seatac Airport.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction will be in the Pavillion. The proceeds from the auction go to the Subsidy Fund. It will be coordinated by D’vorah Kost and her grandson, and Pam Nkosi and her 3 daughters. You are requested to bring items for bidding. Please bring items that will have a minimum starting bid of $5.

Swimming and Boating

Many of us love to row boats and swim at Seabeck!  We want this to be fun and safe for everyone.  We are happy that Kat Nohrenberg will be our lifeguard.  She will be overseeing the swimming area at the selected times, and by request as she is able.       

Seabeck Conference Center’s Rules for Lagoon Use

The lagoon facilities are for the use of Seabeck guests only. All persons using these facilities are doing so at their own risk. Members of the guest group are not to use any lagoon facilities until a representative of the group, with the authority to do so, has signed the Rules for Lagoon Use.  This will be done upon arrival at 4 p.m., Friday June28.


  1. The use of rowboats by children and youth must be supervised by an adult on the boat dock during boating activities.  
  2. Small children are never to be unsupervised on the dock.
  3. Boats are to be returned to the dock and tied up, NOT beached.
  4. Oars and personal flotation devices are to be returned to the rack when not in use.
  5. NO standing in boats, colliding of boats, or capsizing of boats is permitted.
  6. Boating is permitted during daylight hours only.
  7. Misuse or dangerous use of the rowboats may result in loss of boating privileges for the group.
  8. Washington State Law requires that all children 12 and under are to wear U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices while on boats under nineteen feet long.  This includes Seabeck rowboats. All non-swimmers, children and adults, should wear a personal floatation device as well.  Personal floatation devices are located on the rack at the boat dock or the front porch of Juniper House next to the Inn.  The conference planning committee requests that everybody wears a lifejacket when boating!
  9. Rowing boats into the swimming area (roped off area on the north end of the lagoon) is forbidden.

Swimming Area:

  1. No swimming unless there is a lifeguard present.
  2. The guest group accepts full responsibility for guarding the swimming area and they will provide trained or certified lifeguards during swim periods. Neither Seabeck Conference Center nor the management will be held responsible for the supervision or safety of individuals
  3. Swimming is to be done only in the north lagoon swimming area.
  4. Do not swim alone, always use a partner.
  5. Children who are non-swimmers wear a lifejacket when spending time on the dock.
  6. Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only.
  7. Pushing, roughhousing, or other potentially dangerous activities on the swimming platform are not allowed.

Click here for Seabeck Conference Center Campus Policies.