2017 Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows

2017-18 Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows

Youth Leadership

Meet the 2017 MYPF's

For the 2017-18 program year we accepted 15 youth organizers to be Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows. 

Nonviolent Action as a way of life

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The 2017-18 Peace Fellows

Carlina Green

Immigration Video

Catherine Spencer

High School Organizing

Celene Haque


Danaite Haile

Anti-Racism and Police Accountability

Gerum Zudie

Black Student Union

Jamie Margolin

Youth March on Washington on Climate Crisis (became Zero Hour)

Linda Zhu

Art classes for low-income, minority youth

Lily Ghezai

Black Student Union

Naomi Dereje

Awareness on Female Genital Mutilation

Sam Bailey

High School Organizing

Samrawit Bereket

Black Student Union

Savannah Parson

Local Organizing on Sexual Assault Prevention

YeJi Jun

Human Rights and Grassroots Movements

Zanta Abebe

Police Brutality/Black Lives Matter

Sarah Pham

Human Trafficking

What Alumni Say About the Fellowship

Former MYPF Testimonials

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