The 2020-21 Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows

For the 2020-21 program year we accepted 22 youth organizers to be Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows. Their projects range from combating climate change to racial justice to advocating for those suffering from mental health stigma.

Youth Leadership

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Alicia Salva

Racial Justice: Consciousness Raising

Angelina Chin

Health Care Equity

Bahar Bouzarjomehri

Climate Justice and Racial Justice

Hari Nath

Racial Justice: Education Equity

John Catalini

Racial Justice: Black Athletes

Kimaya Mahajan

Climate Justice: Green New Deal

Lila Woodard

Nuclear Weapons Abolition

Max Heine

Union Organizing with Teachers & Training for Trainers Program

Nara Kim

Climate Justice: NVDA Campaign

Riley McNabb

Climate Justice: Public Transit/Bike Advocacy

Taylor Wang

Activist Art: Urban Murals

Yvonne Haynes-Brown

Racial Justice

Liyana Alam

Racial Justice: Mass Incarceration

Meredith Mitwer

Racial Justice: police Brutality

Noel Hutton

Food Justice

Sofian Mahmoud

Palestinian Rights Documentary

Vanessa Lam

Mental Health Advocacy

Eve Chinea

Assistant MYPF Trainer & Training for Trainers Program

Nabi Supetran

Racial Justice: Website/Social Media

Louisa Sevier

Electoral Organizing: GOTV

Quhaar Ferrier-Allah

Racial Justice

Srinjoyi Lahiri

Empowerment: Women of Color

Xeo Sterling

Activist Art: Writing & Training for Trainers Program

Sarah Pham

Assistant MYPF Trainer & Training for Trainers Program

What Alumni Say About the Fellowship

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