A Letter to Our U.S. Senator About Boeing

May 5, 2019

Honorable Senator _______,


Boeing could use some good PR right about now, and this is a fantastic opportunity for them to be on the right side of history.

As a senator you could facilitate this by proposing to send them contracts to build a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Enough with the defense contracts!  We need to focus on our real security needs — a livable planet.  This means we need to transition from fossil fuels to solar and wind.  Boeing has the resources to contribute to this effort.  With government contracts they could be environmental heroes. Although Boeing moved their headquarters to Chicago, they still have a huge presence here in Washington.  Our economy can’t afford to have them go belly-up.

Furthermore, it is unconscionable that  Boeing is one of the major players in the nuclear weapons industry. They are making us a target for attack. I hope this will be widely publicized  during their trial for wrongful deaths in the recent crashes. They could have many more than 346 lost lives to apologize for.  Boeing workers do not want to be agents of Armageddon. I know a lot of them and they want to be proud of their life work. Not criminals!  As the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons gains traction world-wide, and Boeing finds itself in violation of international law, the workforce and the world will demand Boeing change course.  The Treaty will enter into force when it reaches 50 ratifications, which is expected within the year.

It’s been a profitable, especially those cost plus defense contracts, but the time has come to shift scientists, technicians, and infrastructure away from unconscionable weapons of mass extinction and toward products that will make Boeing a hero: green technologies that address climate change. Maybe cost plus would be acceptable if they are making things to help the species survive. 

I want them to remain profitable.  But as you may be aware, there is a rapidly burgeoning movement, demanding that our tax money and our pension funds be invested ethically. They have the opportunity to change course.

Boeing will be hearing much more from their customers, investors, and financiers, as our species wakes up and demands its own survival.

I hope you can play a part in rehabilitating them by sending them government contracts for sustainable energy projects.


Karen Farnsworth

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