Climate Emergency: Doing What You Can

by Justin Yang, Mike Yarrow Peace Fellowship Trainee

The WWFOR fall retreat was a insightful and supportive meeting of many people working to make the world better in different ways. I found presenting my project, Washington Declaring the Climate Emergency, was at first a daunting task, but a worthwhile one, as the fellow participants were very receptive and innovative in asking questions and offering advice. Learning about the different efforts and organizations that these people have spearheaded outside of my panel was fascinating and allowed me to connect with others who could offer me support or grow my individual project. Finally, I believe that the best way for people to engage with the effort to better the climate is to start doing what climate action you can. Doing nothing and despairing in the scope of the problems our world faces is a pitfall that many of us face, but simply taking another step and communicating with others who also want to help will allow you to both make an impact with your own hands and work towards a larger change.