June 2017 newsletter Pacific Call plus Calendar now available

The June 2017 8-page print version of the Pacific Call  newsletter of Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation, is available as a pdf file to read or download. The accompanying 2-page calendar with events from June 2017 and beyond is also available.

The downloadable newsletter includes a first-hand account “Chicago and Martin Luther King, Jr:  What Can We Learn?” by Mary Lou Finley;  “Where Are We Going Politically?” by Stan Sorscher;  “We Can Afford to Save the Planet” by John M Repp;  “United States Nuclear Weapons Policy is a Violation of International Law and the U.S. Constitution” By Larry Kerschner;  and information about the July 1-4 Northwest Regional FOR Conference.

The articles can also be accessed as web pages starting at https://wwfor.org/category/the-pacific-call/

The print version of the calendar contains FOR events and some events be other organizations.  Some of these events are posted (or will be posted) at our calendar pages https://wwfor.org/events/


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