March in Seattle against nukes Sept 24


by Louise Lansberry

As I write this article in mid-August, I can only hope the world will continue to dodge the nuclear bullet as the war in Ukraine continues….Assuming that you too may share such a fear, I want to tell you about an opportunity to express your concerns.  An ad hoc group called Citizens for Universal Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (website is is organizing a march in Seattle that will take place on Saturday, September 24th.  We will gather first at Cal Anderson Park (1635  11th Ave. on Capitol Hill)  at noon for music, poster making, and general information.   Around 1 PM, we’ll head down to the Federal Building offering various chants to involve everyone along the way.  When we arrive at the Federal Building, we will be greeted by members of the Seattle Peace Chorus.  Along with Tom Rogers, formerly the commander of a nuclear armed sub who knows well the dangers of these weapons and   Rachel Hoffman, a Marshallese woman who has endured the nuclear testing on her home grounds,  there will be David Swanson, head of World Beyond War which is dedicated to the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons from our world.  Please come to this first annual event to demonstrate your desire to rid the world of this immoral weapon system….and bring your friends.  It takes all of our voices to make this change happen.