MYPF Summer Intensive Training

2015 MYPF Summer Training
2015 MYPF Summer Training

The Mike Yarrow Peace Fellowship is a year-long program, but begins with an intensive training program  for the Peace Fellows from July 3 to 6, 2020.  In addition, online training opportunities are planned for the Peace Fellows throughout the remainder of the year, along with ongoing support from each other and from mentors.

Intensive Training

The Intensive Summer training includes many of the elements of the prior Peace Activist Trainee program, but does so in a more concentrated 4 day “intensive”, combined with Online Training that is offered the rest of the year. The shortened duration of the training makes it more accessible for youth from beyond Seattle.

MYPF Training
MYPF Training

The Intensive Training will occur at the NW Regional FOR Seabeck Annual Conference on Hood Canal, where the training continues alongside the conference, allowing mingling with FOR conference attendees (seasoned activists) and making use of the workshop leaders and keynote speakers brought to that conference for specialized training with the Peace Fellows.  Both components run all day and into the evening and involve at least some overnights, with chaperones.

The 2020 summer schedule for the Intensive Training, starts in Seattle on Thursday, July 3 and finishes at the Seabeck conference center on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Online Training

After the Intensive Training the Peace Fellows are provided with online training in a wide variety of organizing skills and nonviolent direct action theory and strategy.

MYPF Training in Kingian Nonviolence
MYPF Training in Kingian Nonviolence

The training includes activities such as:

  • Guest speakers
  • Nonviolence and movement building theory
  • Campaign Development
  • Community organizing
  • Persuasion through narrative, identity; and story telling
  • Strategy and Leadership Development
  • Fundraising
  • Dealing with the “isms”
  • Facilitation and group dynamics
  • Media- Social and Otherwise

Ongoing Support


After the Intensive Training the Peace Fellows are expected to work on their own project or campaign.  The program provides ongoing support to the Peace Fellows by hosting Strategy Support Groups and by providing each Peace Fellow with at least one Mentor.


Volunteer PAT alumni and other seasoned activists form a pool of Mentors.  Each Peace Fellow chooses at least one Mentor, who stays in touch with the Peace Fellow and provides support and guidance to the Peace Fellow as s/he designs and executes his/her chosen project or campaign.