New Newsletter Issue: June 2024

9 great new articles compiled and some written by newsletter editor, John M Repp! You can read or download the full Pacific Call June 2024 issue in pdf format by clicking here [full URL ].  [If you are on the main newsletter page, click the box “READ FULL ARTICLE” to get a live link to the pdf version of the article. If you are on the article post page the link should be live.]

Articles include:

  • WWFOR Spring Assembly 2024                  p.1-2
  • Moving Back from the Brink                                         p.3
  • Project 2025: Plans for Trump Dictatorship        p.4
  • NO NO NO: 3 Initiatives in WA State                         P.5
  • Letters to Editors of Mainstream papers                 P.5
  • Gaza and U.S. Student’s Protest                                  p.6-7
  • To Know America, We Must Compare America          p.8
  • The Golden Rule in Pacific Northwest                       p.9
  • The Evergreen Gaza Solidarity Encampment p.10-11
  • Review of Naomi Klein’s new book p.12