New Newsletter Issue September 2023

7 great new articles compiled and some written by our wonderful newsletter editor, John M Repp!

You can read or download the full Pacific Call September 2023 issue in pdf format by clicking here [full URL ] or go right to the individual articles listed below.

CONTENTS and links to individual articles (page numbers refer to the pdf version)

WWFOR 2023 Fall Retreat p.1

First announcement of our November 11, 2023, Fall Retreat.  Watch for details to come at our website https://www, and in future emails.

More Trains, Not More Lanes by Mary Paterson p.1-2

Local activist Mary Paterson discusses the proposal for “ultra-fast” trains and concludes this is not a practical way to reduce the climate crisis.  But trains using existing rights-of-way could really help – “a climate solution hiding in plain sight.”

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Extinction Rebellion by John M Repp p.2-3

Pacific Call editor John M Repp reviews and discusses the book Common Sense for the 21st Century by Roger Hallam.  Can we vote our way out of the climate crisis using our current structures?  The author thinks different tactics are required.

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Labor Struggles: Where’s Our Contract? by Cindy Cole p.3-4

Cindy Cole worked as a union organizer for many years.  Here’s an update on the state of labor unions today with reflections to inspire us.  And if you need any encouragnment to support unions, an amazing graph inversely correlating income disparity with union membership.

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Why Mass Shootings? by John M Repp p.4-5

John Repp reviews the findings of two researchers, based on their book and a review of it, who analyzed several decades of mass shootings and shooters.  They discuss the political impasse that has prevented meaningful action on the problem, and what needs to be done.

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The New Cold War by John M Repp p.5-6

John writes about a century of changing relations between the “great powers”(U.S., Russia, and China), all of which are now colliding with climate change.

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At the Border: Deportations and “CBP One” App by Bruce Radtke and Cindy Cole p.7

A distressing description of conditions and policies that are inhumane and illegal according to international law.

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Our Children’s Trust wins in Montana By John M Repp p.8

Do children have the right to a clean and healthful environment?  One court said yes.  Why is the Federal government fighting such a decision?

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