New Newsletter: Jan. 2020 Pacific Call

The latest print edition of Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation’s newsletter, January 2020 “Pacific Call” is now available in pdf form. Click here to view.

Articles include
“N30: WTO Protests, 20 years later” by Stan Sorscher
“Resolution from the People’s Town Hall on Nuclear Weapons”
Written up by Carly Brook
“Many People Support The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons ” Testimony from the People’s Town hall on Nuclear Weapons
“U.S. Supreme Court v. Democracy” by John M Repp A review of Thom Hartmann’s book The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal of America
“Bolivia: US-backed Coup ” a leaflet from Veterans for Peace written by Kim Loftness

The articles can also be seen (some in longer versions) at our newsletter webpage,

As always, events can be seen on our calendar page,  PLEASE SEND US CALENDAR INFO at if you know of additional peace and justice events we should be helping to publicize.

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