Poetry by Jean Gant Delastrada

Wish Poems  #1 and #2

by Jean Gant Delastrada

I wish the leaders of nations
Could talk like four-year-olds do
At their preschool peace tables.

I wish the urge to compete
Could fade into
 The urge to cooperate

 I wish people hated war
So much they would
Give their all for peace.

I wish there were remedies
For greed and cruelty
And the human weakness of tribalism.

I wish inventors would
Concentrate on eliminating evil.

I wish more people could learn
To love their enemies

I wish peace and love
Would prevail for everyone

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

 Fragment of a Poem by Jean Gant Delastrada

Ring the bells,
Wave your signs on streetcorners,
Nuclear Weapons are now illegal!

January 22, 2012
The Treaty has entered into force. Of course,
The Nations that have nuclear weapons
Haven’t signed it yet.

But we will ring the bells
Write postcards,
Do acts of civil disobedience
Until they do!