print version newsletter Oct 2019 has been posted

See for the latest print version of Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation’s newsletter Pacific Call.

We Can Reverse Global Warming by John M Repp features a lovely picture of 2017 Mike Yarrow Peace Fellow Jamie Margolin alongside Greta Thunberg, both teenagers speaking out on Climate Change.

Other articles by Pacific Call editor, John Repp, include Another Boeing Is Possible and Deep Cooperation Made Us Human .  

Warheads to Windmills comes from a leaflet by the Seattle Anti-War Coaliton, as does the article Why are Central Americans  seeking asylum in the U.S.?

A poem by Wesdon Nisly Chaos and Choice rounds out this issue.

The articles can also be seen (some in longer versions) at our newsletter webpage,

As always, events can be seen on our calendar page,  PLEASE SEND US CALENDAR INFO at if you know of additional peace and justice events we should be helping to publicize.



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