Seabeck Conference — Children’s Program and Youth Program

The Children’s Program

The Children’s program for 3 to 10 year-olds will be led by Nora Walsh. Activities will be geared to the needs and interests of the individual children, and will develop a sense of community through play and mutual problem-solving. We celebrate and explore our beautiful surroundings with walks and outdoor games. We rely on adults and youth attending the conference to volunteer their time and talents to assist us. Beyond Seabeck, Nora teaches art with young people in a variety of settings.

Youth Program

Youth are invited to participate fully in all conference activities and to organize additional activities around their individual ideas and interests. Amanda Starnes and a colleague will facilitate initial orientation and peer group discussions on possible activities. Amanda grew up in the Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bremerton and is pleased to be serving the Youth Community at Seabeck. Depending on the age and number of youth, there may be two groups (11 to 14 year-olds and 15 to 19 year-olds). Activities could include attending workshops as a group and having separate discussions on the topics, planning acts to be performed at the Saturday evening talent show, volunteering in the children’s program, having music or sports sessions. Youth are invited to bring additional ideas, as well as musical instruments, sports equipment, CDs, and DVDs, and to take advantage of Seabeck’s opportunities for swimming, boating, volleyball, ping-pong, and hiking

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