Spring Assembly 2021

Spring Assembly
April 17, 2021
Healing Destructive Divisions: 
Respecting Differences, 
Finding Common Ground

Western Washington FOR presented its 23rd Annual Spring Assembly, again via Video-Conferencing

Healing Destructive Divisions:
Respecting Differences,
Finding Common Ground

Saturday, April 17, 2021, 9 am-1:30 pm

Throughout our country, many experience sharp divisions and frequent disrespect from and toward people of differing perspectives and backgrounds from political leaders to everyday folks. What can people steeped in the nonviolent tradition, and deeply concerned about this schism, do to help bridge the communication gap and find some common ground?

Please join us in a day focusing on successful specific strategies and/or models, in an interactional format, of what we as individuals and within our groups can learn to provide us additional competence and confidence toward this communal healing.


9:00: Welcome
9:10: First Speaker: Amy Funkhouser of Braver Angels
9:55: Breakout Rooms
10:15: Q & A
10:30: Break
10:35: Second Speaker: Airen Lydick of Kitsap Equity, Race, And Community Engagement Coalition. Includes Breakouts room discussions
11:50: Music: Holly Gwinn Graham
12:10: Howard Stolz of Developing
Truth and Reconciliation Commission or Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Commission in Western Washington

12:40: Mike Yarrow Peace Fellow Panel
1:25: Final Comments
1:30: Assembly ends

Information on Presentations

Braver Angel’s Amy Funkhouser.  Washington Deputy State Coordinator: “Braver Angels is a citizen-based movement passionately committed to reducing polarization in our country and finding connection with our fellow citizens.  During this presentation, we’ll talk about the organization and its roots.  We’ll also share with you our approach, what we’re doing and how people can get involved.  Bring your questions and we look forward to exploring with you.”

Airen Lydick of Kitsap Equity, Race, And Community Engagement Coalition.  “Rooted in relationships, collaboration, and commitment to racial justice, Kitsap ERACE coalition organizes for profound, accountable, and liberatory institutional change. Participants will learn experientially about how this Coalition has built and sustains a collaboration of groups and individuals committed to moving race equity forward. Attendees will learn tools useful in organizing for equity, well-being, and liberation.”

Howard Stolz.  “The Seattle Truth, Healing, and Transformation Project was inspired by the amazing world-wide reaction to the George Floyd killing.  The goal of the project is to help people overcome their prejudices of each other by hosting a series of events focused on ethnic groups in the Seattle area.  The event will present personal stories, cultural education and the history of racism against ethnic groups.  Howard Stolz is the project organizer.  He is a retired project manager after 45 years in high tech and is now dedicated to giving back to society.  Howard will present an overview and status of the TRHT project at the Spring Assembly.”

Mike Yarrow Peace Fellows.  This is a year-long intensive training in nonviolence and a program of WWFOR. The Co-Directors of the program are: Mary Lou Finley, Bruce Pruitt-Hamm, and Janis Pruitt-Hamm.  During the 2020-21 year we have some twenty-two MYP Fellows as well as Eve Chinea and Sarah Pham, Assistant MYPF Trainers.  The following MYPF students will present on their social projects: Vanessa Lam: Mental Health Advocacy; Riley McNabb: Climate Justice.

Music Presenter: Holly Gwinn Graham.  “Holly Gwinn Graham’s 55 year career in music, theatre, and teaching has been devoted to issues of peace, justice, safe energy, social and racial awareness, environment, clean water, climate action, nuclear dangers, planetary healing, and the well-being of life on earth. Having served on the board of several international organizations including Olympia’s FOR, with 9 CDs to her credit, she has toured the UK, Canada, and America singing original songs that matter. Visit her at www.hollygwinngraham.com.”

Click here for a report from the previous year (2020) Spring Assembly including links to recordings of presentations.