Videos from Seabeck 2019- Fierce Vulnerability

"The 2 Hands of Nonviolent Direct Action"

Marla Marcum - Session 1A

"Transformation and Reconciliation; Love and Power"
Kazu Haga
Session I.B.

"Fierce Vulnerability and Direct Action"
Morgan Curtis

Session I.C.

"Fierce Vulnerability with Strangers and Family"
Cristobal Van Breen

Session I.D.

"The Principles of Gift Economics"

Sierra Pickett and Kazu Haga

Session II.A.

"The Principles of Gift Economics Part II"
Sierra Pickett
Session II.B.

"Stretch Into Vulnerability"
Kazu Haga

Session II.C.

"Group Discussion from Truths and Untruths Exercise"

David Dean

Session IV

"Sharing Next Steps"
Robin Crane & Sierra Pickett
Session V

"Fierce Vulnerability: Closing Circle"