January 2023 Newsletter Print Edition Now Available!

Anew issue of our quarterly newsletter, Pacific Call, is now available for you to read online or download. 

Click here to see it.

Full URL is https://wwfor.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/PacificCall0123.pdf

Articles in this issue include:

  • WWFOR Fall Retreat         p.1
  • David Lambert on FOR’s Ariel Gold p.1
  • Jean Gant on the Fall Retreat         p.2
  • John Repp a review: INEQUALITY KILLS US ALL p.2-3
  • Graphics a) causes of health b) WA Counties   p.4
  • No Pandemic in San Juan County, WA    p.5
  • The Charleena Lyles Case by Carl Nakajima       p.5-6
  • A Coming Civil War in US? by John Repp p.6-7
  • Letters to Editors CDN: Sardarov and Cole    p.8