June 2023 issue of newsletter now posted!

The latest issue of our newsletter, The Pacific Call is now available!  Click here to read or download the pdf version.  Individual articles from this June 2023 newsletter have also been posted.  The full URL for the newsletter is https://wwfor.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/PacificCallJune2023.pdf

Articles include:

The 2023 Washington State Legislature Activity.  Bruce Radtke provides a summary of some of the 2023 Washington State Legislature activity.

Education in Finland.   Newsletter editor John M Repp discusses what the U.S. could learn and ideas we could adapt by applying policies of Finnish schools.

Poetry by Jean Gant Delastrada.  Jean is Co-Chair of the Olympia FOR chapter, and poetically describes her wishes for the world, and also comments on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Prosecuting Big Oil for Climate Deaths.   Newsletter editor John M Repp calls out the oil companies for decades of lies and propaganda, and explores a novel approach to the climate crisis.

Cracks in the Oligarchy.  Newsletter editor John M Repp asks whether we have have a democracy or oligarchy in the U.S. and discusses how media – mainstream and social – can help or hurt.

2023 WWFOR Spring Assembly: Report.  David Lambert gives a synopsis of what happened May 6 – speakers, workshops, music.  David chaired the planning of this event.

Crisis for Pacifism – Again.  WWFOR Office volunteer Jean Buskin asks whether pacifists can or should remain pacifists in crises such as the Ukraine war.

Book Review: Insurrection.  Newsletter editor John M Repp reviewed the book by Seattle photojournalist Nate Gowdy, who  took hundreds of photos at the violent protests in Washington DC on Jan 6, 2021