March 2023 Newsletter Version2

We have posted a new version of the newsletter Pacific Call with a few updates!

  • This reflects the revised date of our Spring Assembly, now scheduled for Saturday May 6, 2023.
  • A page with an event that has now passed has been replaced with more articles.

You can see the pdf version by clicking here. Full URL for this newsletter pdf is

Contents include:

  • WWFOR SPRING ASSEMBLY                           p. 1
  • The Second Bill of Rights introduction          p. 1
  • The Second Bill of Rights  CONTINUED         p. 2
  • Thoughts on Ukraine  by Larry Kerschner      p. 2-3
  • Peace, Justice and Truth, on Maria Ressa        p. 4
  • Nuclear Weapons:  Opposition to Abolition        p.5
  • How US Govt Has Used Nukes Since 1945          p.6
  • Could People’s Assemblies Save Democracy?     p.7
  • First They Came for the Queer People         p.7
  • What the 2022 US Military Budget Could Buy     p.8

For historical purposes, the first version of the newsletter is still at but note that Spring Assembly date listed there has been revised to May 6.