• June 2017 newsletter Pacific Call plus Calendar now available

    The June 2017 8-page print version of the Pacific Call  newsletter of Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation, is available as a pdf file to read or download. The accompanying 2-page calendar with events from June 2017 and beyond is also available. The downloadable newsletter includes a first-hand account “Chicago and Martin Luther King, Jr:  What Can We Learn?” by Mary Lou Finley;  “Where Are We Going Politically?” by Stan Sorscher;  “We Can Afford to Save the Planet” by John M Repp;  “United States Nuclear Weapons Policy is a Violation of International Law and the U.S. Constitution” By Larry Kerschner;  and information about the July 1-4 Northwest Regional FOR Conference. The articles can also be accessed as web pages starting at https://wwfor.org/category/the-pacific-call/…

  • FOR Seabeck Conference Brochure and Registration Form Now Available

    Go to https://wwfor.org/3499-2/ for links to view or download the conference brochure and registration form and some basic information about the July 1-4, 2017, FOR Regional Conference at Seabeck!  As of this writing, brochures are at the printer and should arrive in the mail soon.  If you are not on the WWFOR mailing list, you can request a paper brochure by calling 206-789-5565 or emailing wwfor@wwfor.org

  • Sept 2016 Newsletter & Calendar available

    The latest issue of PACIFIC CALL, our newsletter, is out! There is a 4-page print version (click here to see or download the ARTICLES in pdf format) and a 2-page calendar covering September, October, and November (click here to see or download the CALENDAR ).